The first summer beach homes were built on the Peninsula in the early 1900s, primarily owned by residents of Los Angeles and Pasadena. When oil was discovered offshore of Long Beach in the 1950’s, the city used
the windfall to dredge the bay and create the Long Beach Marina,
placing seawalls around undeveloped areas of the bay. Real estate prices soared and all of the remaining property was developed with new R-2-S luxury dwellings.The irreplaceable Chrisman property has been instrumental in the overall development of Alamitos Bay.


Chrismans Marina is a landmark in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, CA.


Alamitos Bay originally was a shallow waterway fed by the San Gabriel River. Development in the bay began when a small dock and restaurant was built on the Property. Over time, the dock was expanded into the Chrisman Marina, a private yacht marina, and the restaurant was modified into professional office space. The original three waterfront parcels have never been developed.